Small joys and random good things

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Re: Small joys and random good things

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For some odd reason, I've never had much fear of public speaking. But if you want to hone your public speaking skills beyond whatever you could ever get out of Toastmaster, etc., I recommend stand-up comedy.
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Re: Small joys and random good things

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Not me personally, but something I saw on Twitter: this man has a form of red/green colorblindness which can be fixed nowadays with special glasses. So his friends chipped in to buy him the glasses for his birthday, and these two videos, each under a minute, show his reaction when this 22-year-old sees the world in color for the first time.

The moment in the second video where he picks up and marvels at a dead leaf really got to me for some reason.

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Re: Small joys and random good things

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You can order Girl Scout Cookies online from Troop 6000, a special troop for homeless girls in NYC. ... op6000-161
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