This Life is Absurd

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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by dead_elvis »

I had an absurd moment today- I was cutting off a piece of duct tape and sliced open some flesh on the inside of my finger, and just as this happened and I'm bleeding profusely all over things, the next song up on youtube's autoplay started, The First Cut is the Deepest. Whoa.
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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by lunchstealer »

Murals found in some sort of elevator lobby thing.
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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by Tuco »

That is really cool.
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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by Warren »

Noooooo! Et tu Horton?
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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by Highway »

"Sharks do not go around challenging people to games of chance like dojo breakers."
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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by Ellie »

Okay, whoever is running that Twitter is a fucking genius.
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Re: This Life is Absurd

Post by thoreau »

2020 ended with Vanilla Ice performing at Mar Lago. ... party.html
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