How's the weather? v. 1.1

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Re: How's the weather? v. 1.1

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Eric the .5b wrote: 12 Jan 2021, 17:40
D.A. Ridgely wrote: 10 Jan 2021, 12:34 SNOW!

Not sticking, of course, but the mere sight of snow is enough to panic most Texas drivers.
The snow in my backyard took most of the day to melt.

(Frickin' cold. Didn't help that the damn back door popped open in the night thanks to a crappy knob and a not-actually-locked deadbolt, so I came down to a damn cold ground floor. Had to tighten the screws in the hinge to get it to close and lock properly.)

I'm just glad last night's 27 degrees didn't involve a lot of rain. Ice storms suck.
I was actually in Waco for the 1978 New Year's Eve ice storm, as we had flown down the day after Christmas to be at my Great Grandmother's 90th birthday (on New Year's Day). One of those things I have memories of from childhood, going to Texas and having worse weather than we had in Maryland.
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