Capitalism: It works, bitches

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Re: Capitalism: It works, bitches

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Facebook's ad algorithms seriously make me wonder which is worse: someone has a shitload of information about you and uses it to make some very accurate predictions about what sort of things you might like ... or someone has this information and yet every assumption they make about you is cataclysmically wrong.

I recall a few months before covid, I kept getting these ads/sponsored posts that apparently assumed I was/am a "Christian housewife" deeply concerned that my husband has a porn addiction that will destroy our godly marriage. (IIRC, their definition of porn was super-loose, too; not just "explicit depictions of sex" but even stuff like so-called chick-flick movies where the main character would like to have a boyfriend rather than a husband. ANY suggestion that sex exists and people might like to have some counts as "porn."). The more I posted about and mocked these ads, the more of them I got, until finally I figured out the REAL purpose of those ads was an attempt to sell some super-creepy monitoring software that would not only record every button you pressed and every website you visited, but would also send daily announcements of all this to some other person you designated to hold you accountable for your sinful, sinful ways.

When Facebook doesn't think I'm some weird flavor of evangelical, they think I'm black and very very "into" whatever subcultures Facebook thinks are related. Which, I suppose, is a reasonable assumption to make if you ignore the photos I've posted of myself and similar sundry things, and focus solely on the zip code from which my IP address originates.
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Re: Capitalism: It works, bitches

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I thought this stuff was for the Market Failure thread?
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Re: Capitalism: It works, bitches

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You guys are missing the big picture.


This Star Trek Enterprise show's gonna be the biggest thing in Trek!

Seriously though I do actually think it's amusing and not in a bad way that there are still combo DVD/VCRs out there for people who want to watch stuff where the licensing is too murky to ever stream, and there's more of that than you think.
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