cars and how they get that way

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Re: cars and how they get that way

Post by dhex » 17 Jan 2018, 10:48

Jadagul wrote:
16 Jan 2018, 22:38
One of the cool things about moving out to California from New Orleans for me is that out here, cars will stop for you if you're in the street.
nola has the bravest/stupidest pedestrians (tourists and locals) i've ever seen. they'd be dead in three days in nyc.
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Re: cars and how they get that way

Post by Dangerman » 08 Feb 2018, 10:46

2002 Honda Civic DX

Battery light is on, but goes off at higher RPM. Example: battery light is ON cruising in 5th gear, but if I downshift to 4th at 50mph the extra RPMs turn the light off.

I went to NAPA on my break yesterday, and the car wouldn't start after sitting for 5 minutes. I bought a new battery and installed it. Car started immediately with the same battery light behavior.

Car wouldn't start this AM, so I wiggled the terminal wires and got a contact, she started. So that may have been my bad not tightening up the new battery. But the light is still on, still behaves the same.

My question: Bad ground somewhere, dying alternator, or loose alternator belt maybe?

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Re: cars and how they get that way

Post by Highway » 08 Feb 2018, 11:11

I'd be guessing alternator, given that you run it harder and it brings up the voltage enough to turn the light off. If you're not hearing the belt slip, it's probably not the belt (and I don't know that alternator belts really slip much?). And while you're replacing that, check to make sure the wires aren't corroded, and also the battery terminals.
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