What's New at the Bijou?

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Re: What's New at the Bijou?

Post by Aresen »

I enjoyed the Foundation series - the initial 3 books - mainly because I was a hard science geek. At the time, I thought the concept of a 'science' of history was fascinating. Little did I realize at the time that the story was basically the fall of the Byzantine Empire set in space.

Asimov's characters were a little lifeless - all too rational and lacking emotion.

It wasn't too noticeable in the Foundation series, but he could get preachy on social issues.
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Re: What's New at the Bijou?

Post by Warren »

Aresen wrote: 16 Apr 2020, 10:55 Asimov's characters were a little lifeless - all too rational and lacking emotion.
That's actually what I liked about Clarke's characters.
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Re: What's New at the Bijou?

Post by Eric the .5b »

I've read most of Asimov's science fiction, and the original Foundation trilogy is dry AF compared to his usual writing.
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Re: What's New at the Bijou?

Post by JD »

Asimov's Foundation books always seemed like the kind of thing I would like, but whenever I tried to read one I bounced off it. Maybe I'll try again one of these days.
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Re: What's New at the Bijou?

Post by Hugh Akston »

Present me traveling forward thinks that Nolan movies are complex and Tenet will require multiple viewings to really get and appreciate what he's up to. But future me traveling backwards assures me that no, it's actually just a bad movie.

In addition to not adequately presenting the premise through visual storytelling, the dialogue did nothing to clarify what was going on, and the sound editors did nothing to clarify the dialogue. Nolan has really bought into the combination of dialogue and music that assures us we don't need to concern ourselves with what people are saying.
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