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Re: Twitter!

Post by nicole » 12 Mar 2018, 14:57

"Fucking qualia." -Hugh Akston

"This is why I carry a shoehorn.” -jadagul

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Eric the .5b
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Re: Twitter!

Post by Eric the .5b » 12 Mar 2018, 16:41

I have to admit, a really big chunk of all musicians I've encountered—including the people I helped interview on a podcast—have been about that dumb. Of course, the rest of them include people who are whip-smart. (Mostly the ones with some modicum of life experience.)
"Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer."
"Cyberpunk never really gave the government enough credit for their ability to secure a favorable prenup during the Corporate-State wedding." - Shem

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Re: Twitter!

Post by Highway » 12 Mar 2018, 18:07

"Sharks do not go around challenging people to games of chance like dojo breakers."

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