Small joys and random good things

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Re: Small joys and random good things

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D.A. Ridgely wrote:
21 May 2020, 18:26
Number 6 wrote:
21 May 2020, 18:09
Warren wrote:
02 May 2020, 09:53
D.A. Ridgely wrote:
01 May 2020, 14:03
Ellie's post reminded me this thread existed. I meant to find a thread to post a small random good thing last week. As Facebook will do, it suggested a few people whom I might be interested in 'friending' and up popped the author George Pelecanos. For those who've never heard about him, he's a D.C. based author, mostly detective genre, and worked with David Simon on "The Wire," "Treme," etc. I had nothing to lose so I pushed the invite friend button and he accepted. Not a big deal and I've yet to see him post anything, but I thought it was kind of neat.
I think journalists, writers, and such, accept all friend invites.
I'm sure many do. OTOH, I friended a novelist (Mary Doria Russell) I like quite a bit, and ended up having a personal exchange with her via messenger.
The maximum number of 'friends' allowed on Facebook is 5,000.
I friended Stephen Gordon some years ago and never bothered to unfriend him (but I must have blocked his stuff from showing up in my feed). More surprising, is that the likes of Jacob Sullum and Nick Gillespie don't have 5,000 other people they'd rather be friends with. And I while I am loath to drop names, I'm one of Radley Balko's close personal friends.

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