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Re: Product Gryviews

Post by Dangerman »

Thanks for the input. I think I used that Krups at a former residence and liked it, will probably look for it at a good price.

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Re: Product Gryviews

Post by Warren »

If you make guacamole, and don't go full 'made from scratch using fresh ingredients only', I have conducted extensive research into dry powder mixes and can now recommend, make that highly recommend, Lighthouse Freeze Dried Guacamole Herb Blend.

A big problem with 90% of guacamole mixes (and 100% of premade guacamole) is that they go too far with the lime.
Lighthouse is just dried herbs and spices, so you add your own lime juice to your own taste. And you have to add your own salt too. Which is just fine with me. I usually have a lime on hand. I might one day be caught wanting to make guacamole with no lime juice, but I always have salt. Having the lime and salt under my control is a big plus for me.

Further there is no maltodextrin, which is the number one ingredient in most packet mixes. If you're a purist that won't use a dry mix maltodexrin is probably you're main complaint.

And finally, I think the freeze dried herbs and spices just bring more flavor to the party than conventionally dried ones. You can also just use this as a spice blend for adding flavor to any number of dishes.

Give it a try and see if you don't agree.

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