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Re: Food

Post by lunchstealer » 11 Sep 2019, 10:43

JasonL wrote:The kroger cheese counter provided by Murrays is freaking awesome for a big grocery chain. Murrays Reserve Gouda is the shit.
Yup it is Murray’s so I will seek out the reserve Gouda.
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Re: Food

Post by JD » 14 Sep 2019, 21:24

We harvested a lot of chives from our garden today, leaving us with the question of what we were going to do with them. Later that day I had an idea.

Me: Hey, I know what to do with those chives.
Wife: What?
Me: We need to get a turkey, and then we can make...
Wife: No.
Me: ...chive turkey.
Wife: I could see it coming but I couldn't stop it.

Actually, we'll probably make chive butter, keep that in the freezer, and break it out for the holidays.
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