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Music, books, movies, TV, games, hobbies, food, and potent potables. And forum games! Pour a drink, put on your smoking jacket, light a pipe (of whatever), and settle in.
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Pham Nuwen
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Re: Cool little things

Post by Pham Nuwen » 16 Jul 2017, 18:03

Warren wrote:
16 Jul 2017, 16:27
I meant the movie. Not everything is about you. :)
I meant the movie as well .... and joked about why I didn't send you info on it ....nevermind.
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Eric the .5b
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Re: Cool little things

Post by Eric the .5b » 16 Jul 2017, 18:11

Very cool, Pham. My appreciation of wines is still very limited, so I'm boggled by that degree of recognition.
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Re: Cool little things

Post by Jennifer » 03 Aug 2018, 18:02

I'm currently rolling the coins in the loose-change bowl, and found a silver dime from 1961.
"Myself, despite what they say about libertarians, I think we're actually allowed to pursue options beyond futility or sucking the dicks of the powerful." -- Eric the .5b

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