Car Leases Part Deux!

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Car Leases Part Deux!

Post by Highway » 01 Sep 2013, 22:22

So I had this thread a few months ago about leasing a Nissan Leaf. I finally got around to driving the car, and it's pretty darn nifty, and definitely the front runner for a new car for me. But I wanted to see if I could get more advice on possibly leasing the car. One main thing I was wondering: Do you shop around and dicker for lease prices the way you do with buying cars? I mean, the lease payments are based on amortizing some amount of the car, right, so is there flexibility to argue for price the way there is with buying it? Or is it because you're kind of beholden to the finance company, you don't really have any leeway as far as that goes?

I'll admit, I'm not a big price dickering guy. When we bought our Hondas (at least the second one), we had an Edmunds True Value Price that we were going to shoot for, and the dealership both times quoted us a price that was far below it right off the bat, so I wasn't really pushed to argue about it. Car salesmen gotta eat, I figure, and we were treated fine by them. I never see the point of working so hard to make someone else angry at you just so you 'win'. But that's just me.

But with leasing, do you do that? Or does it depend on the dealership?
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