Tiny Triumphs

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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by JD » 18 Sep 2017, 16:48

That is not such a tiny triumph, either. Stability is a good thing, so big thumbs up.

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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by Warren » 09 Oct 2017, 20:54

I have successfully replicated Cracker Barrel's Maple Pecan Chicken.
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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by Andrew » 09 Oct 2017, 22:12

Warren wrote:
09 Oct 2017, 20:54
I have successfully replicated Cracker Barrel's Maple Pecan Chicken.
They have dispatched assassins.
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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by Kwix » 16 Oct 2017, 17:59

Not so much a triumph as a "rescued from my laziness in the nick of time."

The weather's been getting a bit chilly in the evenings with lows in the mid-high 30s. I had been putting off harvesting the last of the garden goodies (mostly herbs and carrots). This past Saturday I finally got off my butt and with the wife's help harvested it all, rinsed, dried, sorted and put it away (some for long term drying on racks and the rest in the fridge/freezer).

This morning it was a brisk 17F, our first real hard freeze of the season. Had I not gotten motivated my sage would have been mush and my carrots would be much harder to dig out of the ground. I'm calling it a win.
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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by lunchstealer » 16 Oct 2017, 18:59

We've already had three nights down into the 20s, but no teens yet.
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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by Jennifer » 16 Oct 2017, 21:30

Today, we've finally had the experience of going a whole 24-plus hours with no AC. Still a little stuffy in my apartment even with the windows open, though; it's 60-something outside, 74 in here.

Jeff and I brought in our patio furniture today -- after first cleaning it, and holy crap was it FILTHY (especially since I'd just cleaned it a week or so ago) -- because tomorrow they're supposed to pressure-wash the fronts of all the buildings.

Note to self: remember to shut the patio door and all windows before going to bed tomorrow morning/late tonight.
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Re: Tiny Triumphs

Post by Eric the .5b » 16 Oct 2017, 23:35

I may have managed to dayshift, after basically not sleeping last night due to insomnia, but still making a morning appointment. We'll see...
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