It's not the size of the screen...

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Re: It's not the size of the screen...

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13 Jul 2020, 18:48
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13 Jul 2020, 16:28
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13 Jul 2020, 15:52
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13 Jul 2020, 13:29
Wife just wrapped a Community binge a thon. I got tired of it but thought it was funny in parts. Late seasons were strained as is always the case. I thought Parks and Rec was really strong after the first season and I expected to hate it as I'm not an Office guy.
Parks and Rec definitely more watchable than The Office. I think I'm too geezer for Community.
I generally didn't and still don't like sitcoms of that sort and those years. 30 Rock is something of an exception. You'd have to mark every episode of Community to warn me if Chevy Chase was in it so I could skip those episodes before giving it a try.
But he's the only member of the cast old enough to remember dial phones. His are the only episodes I might want to watch.
Joel McHale is older than I am. I remember when VCRs were the new hot thing, and people still thought that BetaScan was gonna be the one because of the better picture quality, and ours had a remote - with a cord. I was excited when we got a new TV with push-buttons to change channels instead of knobs.
Tell me which episodes you're in and I'll watch those.

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Re: It's not the size of the screen...

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A few episodes in to The Great, enjoying it. I would describe it as Sansa Stark by way of Iannucci and Drunk History.
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Re: It's not the size of the screen...

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I am unsure of what I think of midnight gospel. It is very creative and animation is very good - if gross. The forced improv effect is more uneven.
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