It's not the size of the screen...

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Re: It's not the size of the screen...

Post by lunchstealer » 23 Jun 2018, 03:39

Jennifer wrote:
22 Jun 2018, 17:54
Eric the .5b wrote:
22 Jun 2018, 17:41
That's demented; I'm not sure whether in the good or bad way.
I don't know about the other people who watched and liked the new Roseanne, but: for me, at least, it wasn't Roseanne herself who was the draw. (For that matter, I highly doubt I'd've watched the show in the first place if it were a "new" offering.) For me, it was a bit of a nostalgia kick -- the equivalent of "I wouldn't care how so-and-so is doing if he were somebody I just met; I'm only interested in so-and-so because I knew him when we were kids." Provided the show has good writers, I'd still be interested in watching The Conners sans their matriarch--and since the reboot already showed that Roseanne has a prescription opioid addiction, if they want her to die off-screen they already have a plausible and consistent way to do this, in a manner that "addresses" the show's overall theme of "working-class American life kinda sucks nowadays" far better than, say, having her die in an off-screen car accident would.
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Re: It's not the size of the screen...

Post by Warren » 09 Jul 2018, 12:24

Pose is Woke2. How could it be anything else? And it gets eye rolly when it's thumping on Trump, the middle class, and the burbs. But it's excellent entertainment. The characters are fully formed, the writing is good, and the performances are amazeballz.

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