The Lust to Acquire

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Re: The Lust to Acquire

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Andrew wrote:
15 Apr 2020, 08:52
dbcooper wrote:
15 Apr 2020, 02:56
JD wrote:
14 Apr 2020, 21:59
Speaking of collections, I really, really wish there were an Elric omnibus. A long time ago I had most of the paperbacks and got rid of them during a move.
You might like some of M. John Harrison's stuff?
I've never read a book that hated the reader as much as the second Viriconium book.
I've only read his sci-fi stuff.
Slip inside a sleeping bag.

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Re: The Lust to Acquire

Post by Warren »

Andrew wrote:
15 Apr 2020, 08:52
I've never read a book that hated the reader as much as the second Viriconium book.
I am intrigued. In what way does this hatred manifest itself?

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D.A. Ridgely
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Re: The Lust to Acquire

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D.A. Ridgely wrote:
10 Jul 2013, 13:15
In the category of further frivolous items I have gladly received as a birthday gift:


I'm not exactly a pen collector, but I own several other, as they say in the ads, "fine writing instruments" and I've wanted a Parker Duofold fountain pen since way back when. My handwriting is bad enough to have been a physician and there really isn't much call for me to do much handwriting anymore, anyway, but there is something immensely and irrationally satisfying about writing with a really good fountain pen. It's also something one has to get used to or, if old enough, used to again because fountain pens do not require pressing down on the paper as ballpoints and most other writing instruments do so you have to have a much lighter touch.

Again, totally unnecessary and I love it!
And now I have two! I think she probably forgot she'd given me a black Parker fountain pen back in 2013, but my wife has now given me a "Big Red" Duofold. Fountain pens are per se retro, but this particular pen in this particular color was extremely popular in the 1920s. Will I use it much? Probably not. But on those increasingly rare occasions I wear something approaching business attire, I'll certainly put it in rotation with my two other high quality fountain pens.


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