Hooray for Halloween!

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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by nicole » 01 Nov 2017, 12:21

JasonL wrote:
01 Nov 2017, 10:24
I dodged and hid from all trick or treaters. Hurray for the avoidance of halloween!
I have still never had a trick-or-treater since leaving my parents' house.
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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by Mo » 01 Nov 2017, 12:30

He could be a sophomore in high school without anything better to do. Well that or egging your house.
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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by Highway » 01 Nov 2017, 13:01

We also get the parents ToT for their kid... in the infant stroller. Really? You're getting candy for her?
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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by Jennifer » 01 Nov 2017, 13:05

Last year was my first Halloween in Atlanta; since we live in a huge complex with LOTS of little kids I expected we'd get tons of beggars, so I bought a giant jumbo-sized bag of candy .... and only got two knocks on my door all night. Didn't even see any trick-or-treaters in the parking lot; it's not as though there WERE beggars, only they ignored my door.

So this year I bought a much smaller bag of candy, with the expectation that Jeff and I would eat most of it. Yesterday afternoon, when I was out tossing garbage, I made casual small talk with two of my neighbor and mentioned last year's dearth of trick-or-treaters, which she found surprising; after some back-and-forth I come to find out that here, most trick-or-treating is done BEFORE sunset.

Sho'nuff, later that afternoon (and well before dusk) I got two knocks on my door -- first knock was the grandchildren of one neighbor lady I'd spoken to, second knock was the children of my downstairs neighbor I'd spoken to. Other than those two groups of kids, who presumably knocked on my door only after I'd told their respective guardians "Yeah, if your little ones are trick or treating, send 'em up my way," I only got ... two more knocks on my door all night.

So I went from two visitors up to four, in a year.
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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by Aresen » 01 Nov 2017, 13:14

JasonL wrote:
01 Nov 2017, 10:24
I dodged and hid from all trick or treaters. Hurray for the avoidance of halloween!
I went out for dinner, then came home and left all the downstairs lights out.
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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by Eric the .5b » 01 Nov 2017, 13:22

I wasn't home until late, so I didn't see whether we even had trick-or-trreaters, this year. It's a small, gated neighborhood, so at most, that's only ever a few groups of little kids in costume.
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Re: Hooray for Halloween!

Post by D.A. Ridgely » 01 Nov 2017, 15:35

We had one group of kids come Trick or Treating, knocking at the door just as we sat down to dinner. Had it been up to me, the porch lights would have been off. Kids should be discouraged from Trick or Treating in cul-de-sacs. There's more action on through streets.

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