Cards and dice and other tools of the Devil

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Cards and dice and other tools of the Devil

Post by JD » 18 Jun 2012, 14:17

Since we have a thread devoted to board games and a thread about video games, I thought maybe we should have one about cards, dice, gambling, and other traditional non-board-game diversions.

While doing some research on poker recently, I ran across a strange variant called Pick Five; it's usually played as a single-person gambling game, from what I can tell, but there's no reason the mechanism couldn't be applied to other forms. It's like draw poker but with a strange twist: the player always has a choice of two cards, but only two at any one time.

Deal two cards, face-up. The player gets to choose which one he wants for his hand; the other is discarded. Repeat the process for the second, third, fourth, and fifth cards of the hand; score the hand as normal for poker.

It sounds easy, but it's actually hard and stressful. Take the four of clubs or the five of spades? Either way you can only take one and your chances of a straight are then lower than normal. Say you take the four of clubs: now you're offered the six of clubs and the king of diamonds. Take the six and hope for a flush or straight? Take the king and hope for a high pair? And so forth.
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