Towing the Lion

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Re: Towing the Lion

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Single life? No, single death.

Joint - no survivors.

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Hugh Akston
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Re: Towing the Lion

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DB? More like DOAB
"Is a Lulztopia the best we can hope for?!?" ~Taktix®
"Somali pirates are beholden to their hostages in a way that the USG is not." ~Dangerman

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Re: Towing the Lion

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"LAN lines" for "land lines"
"Fucking qualia." -Hugh Akston

"Sliced bagels aren't why trump won; it's why it doesn't matter who wins." -dhex

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Re: Towing the Lion

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nicole wrote:
12 Feb 2020, 12:51
"LAN lines" for "land lines"
Ha! That use to be the other way around.

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