Petty annoyances

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Re: Petty annoyances

Post by lunchstealer » 02 Oct 2019, 18:00

Aresen wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 16:42
JD wrote:
02 Oct 2019, 15:56
Man, some people's product reviews are whiny as shit. I was looking at reviews for monitors, and one said that a particular 23" monitor was "kind of small for gaming", and another complained about the "huge bezel" on another monitor (bezel looks to be about 1/4" from the customer photos). These people should be sentenced to using a 13" CRT, like just about everybody over the age of 30 did.
I'd make them use 5¼ inch floppy discs.
Specifically on a Commodore 1541 drive.
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Re: Petty annoyances

Post by Jennifer » 03 Oct 2019, 12:38

I bought some black rayon socks on Amazon. Two sets, in fact, one in a four-pack and one in a five-pack, and IIRC the four-pack were advertised as being made of "bamboo." I'm wearing a pair of them now, and they are indeed comfortable as hell ... but they are NOT entirely black. Their company name AND the size of the sock are woven into the socks with gray thread: right now, if you look down at the top of my stocking-clad feet you will see nothing but black, but look on either side of either foot and you'll see "Chirpy Socks 4-9."
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