Some TDI Clips

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Some TDI Clips

Post by JasonL » 23 Feb 2011, 21:47

In case shooters or FPS players or anyone might be interested. There's a series called Personal Defense TV that spends a lot of time at TDI. They actually made some clips showing key lesson points in some detail. I can only seem to find the right clips (the TDI ones) on TDI's video fb page.

Using Tactical Flashlights in a house clearing - the flash and move method, what it looks like on the other end of a flashlight, clearing hallways, corners and rooms. video/video.php?v=1712125600650&comments

The Total Suck of Stairwells - the only thing that sucks worse than going down the stairwell is going up. video/video.php?v=1712163521598&comments

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