Worthwhile intertubez finds

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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by Ellie »

Well, the policeman should be more sympathetic. The crook has probably fallen on hard times since his husband passed away, as evidenced by that black half-veil he's wearing.
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by thoreau »

I thought the unfairness of the match was that the cop brought a club to a gunfight.
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by Highway »

Hugh Akston wrote:
28 Feb 2020, 11:36
Maybe he's using the prybar to break into the window behind them, and he took off his shoes because he doesn't want his metal heels to make noise.
This is what I figured as well. Shows intent to enter the building he just broke into. If he was just walking by, he would be wearing his shoes.
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D.A. Ridgely
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by D.A. Ridgely »

Maybe he's breaking into a mosque or some Japanese's house.

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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by Jasper »

Spreading his colonialism, no doubt.
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by JD »

An article by a former NYC restaurateur on how the letter grading system for restaurants is an arbitrary, meaningless process that exists mostly to extract fines from restaurants and keep them compliant: https://www.grubstreet.com/2020/03/why- ... tment.html
It’s been ten years since New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene began assigning letter grades to restaurants. Today, diners focus on the grades posted in each restaurant’s window, assuming they’re objective assessments of establishments’ cleanliness. Cooks are obsessed with the points system that the Health Department used to determine violations. And restaurant owners loathe the system because the whole thing feels like a slow-motion bureaucratic shakedown whose real purpose is to be a steady, easily manipulated revenue stream for the city.
Often, other violations made no sense at all, or the inspectors didn’t listen if you told them they were wrong. There was the time an inspector walked into our wood-storage room, looked at the row of wood we stacked for our pizza oven, and told me I was only allowed to store one day’s worth of wood, and that we had more than that.

“The building code says that you can store one day’s worth of wood within six indirect feet of the wood oven,” I explained, “and one week’s worth of wood in a one hour fire-rated, sprinklered room, which this is. I read the building code myself and the permit drawings were approved by the Department of Buildings.”

She didn’t want to hear it. Another fine. Another court date.
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

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Holy shit! You can do entire virtual surgical procedures with this STEM site thingie. https://edheads.org/

It's got some for free as well that don't require a membership if you don't want to do a total knee or aortic anyeurism .... you pussy ....
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by dead_elvis »

I've dreamed all my life of resurfacing a hip. I've also dreamed all my life of never again having flash installed.
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Re: Worthwhile intertubez finds

Post by Warren »

dead_elvis wrote:
22 Mar 2020, 12:04
I've dreamed all my life of resurfacing a hip. I've also dreamed all my life of never again having flash installed.
Suck it up d_e, don't you know there's a plague going on?

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