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Re: Gentry from the block

Post by D.A. Ridgely » 06 May 2018, 20:55

Jadagul wrote:
06 May 2018, 18:03
Houston's no-zoning is somewhat exaggerated; it does have things like parking minima and building setback requirements. It would be very illegal to build Manhattan-style there.

But Houston is also a weird comparison because land isn't as scarce there as it is in much of the coast, and also it just isn't as pricey there. The thing I think we mostly agree on is that building skyscrapers when land and housing are cheap and abundant is usually silly.

DAR: In most of DC, there are local zoning restrictions that are actually substantially tighter than the federal city-wide limit.
But not having to do with building height, per se. That's to say that anyone wanting to build high-rise condominiums along Foxhall Road or Capitol Hill will never get permits and zoning waivers while putting up the same building anywhere in Anacostia will be a comparative snap.

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