Random Observations C.A (306 pages is enough)

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Re: Random Observations C.A (306 pages is enough)

Post by JD » 29 May 2018, 14:19

Jadagul wrote:
26 May 2018, 19:29
I mean, I knew there was a lot of tracking stuff. I didn't think that the tracking stuff added up to multiple megabytes. (I'm still a bit confused about what all those megabytes are actually doing---why do you need that much data to do tracking?)

Basically, I don't mind being tracked at all. Or getting fed ads. I mind the performance hit that the tracking and the ads cause.
That USA Today experience is sadly typical. The requests aren't all for "tracking" per se; some of them are for audience analytics, some for ads, some for performance monitoring, etc. Then you run into the situation where your browser makes one request and it turns into a long chain of redirects, each of which counts as a separate request and necessitates a separate DNS lookup, possibly negotiating a new SSL connection, getting the content and parsing it, etc.

For example, when you load usatoday.com, there's a request for https://match.adsrvr.org/track/cmf/gene ... &ttd_tpi=1, which redirects you to https://match.adsrvr.org/track/cmb/gene ... &ttd_tpi=1, which redirects you to https://sync.go.sonobi.com/us.gif?nw=td ... c227eb7c25.
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Re: Random Observations C.A (306 pages is enough)

Post by Aresen » 08 Jun 2018, 23:53

I never trulyunderstood the concept of "DeepTime" until I waited for a Windows update to finish.
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Re: Random Observations C.A (306 pages is enough)

Post by Dangerman » 10 Jun 2018, 13:49

Seriously, 75% of complaints about Windows are really the user noticing that they don't have a solid state drive.

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Re: Random Observations C.A (306 pages is enough)

Post by Jennifer » 12 Jun 2018, 15:32

Last weekend Jeff and I visited the town of Covington, to visit various thrift and secondhand stores there. (I found a couple of good books, and a very nice Daher tin bucket to add to my collection.) Going there was like going back in time -- there is a "modern" part of town, with the same chain restaurants and businesses you'll find anywhere in America, but most of the places we visited were in the more rural, old-fashioned part -- old-fashioned meaning, the buildings were not even air-conditioned. Two or three of the stores we visited were made of painted concrete or cinder block or some other fake-stone substance: very thick walls, very high ceilings to let the heat rise, very small high-set windows, and while it was cooler inside the buildings than out, "cooler" is NOT synonymous with "cool."

To add to the old-timeyness, that was also the day Jeff's car eventually overheated, so on our way home we had to turn off the AC and drive home with the windows open. On a humid, 90-plus-degree day. Once again, I am horrified to contemplate what living here must've been like before cheap refrigeration and air-conditioning.
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