Silicon Valley Disrupts Its Own Ass

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Re: Silicon Valley Disrupts Its Own Ass

Post by Jasper » 16 Jan 2018, 09:19

thoreau wrote:
14 Jan 2018, 13:42
I was talking to someone from a Bay Area quantum computing startup. I asked a simple question about what sorts of applications quantum computing is competitive for and all I got was hype from the late 90's and no straight answer along the lines of "this many qubits for a problem of this type."

Now, granted, this person is a low level technician, not a founder or marketing person, but she said she has a physics degree so I was hoping she might be quantitative rather than a spin doctor (no pun intended).
I absolutely disbelieve you didn't transition into a spin statement pun here.
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Re: Silicon Valley Disrupts Its Own Ass

Post by Dangerman » 23 Jan 2018, 20:10

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