The Abortion Thread

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Re: The Abortion Thread

Post by Jennifer » 05 Oct 2019, 23:25

What really concerns me, assuming abortion rights are eliminated, is that the damage won't "only" be limited to pregnant women who get abortions (or want them), just as the War on Drugs' damage is not "only" limited to those who buy, sell or use illegal drugs. There have been too many innocent-victim horror stories to count -- I remember the woman who was in jail for some weeks while cops took their sweet time figuring out that no, the old spoon in her car had Spaghetti-O residue on it rather than drug residue -- and if you like what the War on Intoxicating Substances has done to American civil liberties, you'll LOVE what the War on Baby-Murderin' Sluts is going to do!
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Re: The Abortion Thread

Post by Shem » 06 Oct 2019, 13:29

D.A. Ridgely wrote:
05 Oct 2019, 23:06
I don't see Roe surviving another three term.
That worries me for a number of reasons, not least of all the potential for it to become another Dred Scott in terms of solidifying balkanization.
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