DOOM! (Insert extra Os as you see fit)

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Hugh Akston
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Re: DOOM! (Insert extra Os as you see fit)

Post by Hugh Akston » 14 Apr 2019, 22:20

D.A. Ridgely wrote:
14 Apr 2019, 18:14
The world was a better place (sartorially) when everyone I wanted to know was wearing a suit or a dress and everyone else had their first name embroidered on their shirt pockets.
They'd need the monogram wouldn't they? With everyone dressed the same there would be no other way to tell them apart.
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Re: DOOM! (Insert extra Os as you see fit)

Post by Kolohe » 15 Apr 2019, 04:37

Jake wrote:
13 Apr 2019, 20:58
Hugh Akston wrote:
13 Apr 2019, 13:53
Could someone maybe hip me to the problem with current standards of dress? Was there a time when they were better?
JasonL wrote: Yes
I agree with JasonL, and I offer proof, in the form of a particolor puff-and-slash codpiece:
This man has an obvious drinking problem though.

(Yet probably easily fixed if he were just to pay attention to the task at hand)
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