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Secret Forum Hidey Hidey

Posted: 12 Sep 2012, 00:08
by Ellie
Since it's sort of come up what with having a new poster, I wanted to clarify that the secret forums are hidden mainly to keep them Google-proof, rather than to seriously limit which posters can and can't see them. David's and my policy on posters has always been closer to "not a spammer, not a troll" than any really serious vetting process. You can't automatically see them when you join, but once you've proven yourself to be not a flaming nutjob and a generally pleasant person, I will probably let you in (or at least ask David to let you in, which means it may be 6-8 months before it actually happens).

Anyway, I'm sorry if I have ever given the indication that we were setting the privacy level there much higher than that, and if anybody posted things they wouldn't have posted knowing they might be visible to newer posters at some point. Can I say "post" any more times in this paragraph? Post post post. But seriously, I apologize. PM me with questions, concerns, or frustrations.