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Re: The Techno-Bleg Thread

Post by Jadagul » 14 Sep 2018, 20:19

I'm not an expert here, but I did like half an hour of reading into SEO over the summer. That doesn't make me an expert on SEO, but I think it places me well to understand what half-formed ideas your coworker is reacting to.

The SEO sites worry a lot about setting things up so that the Google crawler doesn't get distracted into following a bunch of trivial sites. But the paradigmatic case was something where you have some sort of dynamic generation thing going on and there are hundreds of addresses that point to the same actual page. Then Google sees that as a bunch of shitty low-traffic pages, gives up after crawling through two or three actual pages of material, and doesn't index your site well or rank it highly.

But that's an issue for newly generated content that has large multipliers for dynamic generation; and you handle that by setting flags that tell Google what the canonical version of your page is. (I think this corresponds to "infinite spaces" and "duplicate content" in the FAQ you linked).

It sounds like your coworker might be getting wires crossed with that sort of thing, though.

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